Power to the Pleasers

Feel the Freedom to be Yourself

Starting the day would feel so much better if…

Saying “no” was easier.

Like, if it didn’t come with a heaping dose of guilt and worry.

For so long my mantra was

“You can’t always get what you want (in relationships).”

I truly believed people only hung around because I did things for them.

I didn’t trust that people liked me for me.

I longed for relationships that felt equal – both GIVE and TAKE.

But I had ZERO idea how to create the relationships I craved.

I was lost in a serious F.O.G.


You steer clear of conflict. You’re the “easy going one” in relationships. You automatically accommodate to keep the peace. You might be in other’s good graces, but you feel invisible and unhappy in your relationships.


Obligation feels like a straight-jacket. For so long you’ve put other’s needs before your own. Lately the weight of responsibility is taking its toll. To find relief you’ve started avoiding people, but feeling alone and distant is equally as painful.


Guilt is a constant companion. The last thing you want is to be seen as selfish. But inside there’s a tug-of-war between what you need and other’s want. In the end, you dismiss yourself to make other’s lives easier.

So many times I wondered…

Will relationships ever be enjoyable?

Hey! I’m Vicki.

I love helping people drop the “need to please” pattern.

I know jumping through hoops to keep people happy isn’t working anymore. It’s frustrating wishing things were different, but not knowing how to change something you feel like you’ve done forever.

While everyone has their own road to travel, I know how to save you time and energy getting where you want to be…

Feeling confident in relationships!

Let’s reimagine your relationships together.

Relationships where you feel…


You simply show up and enjoy interactions with people because you trust that you belong


You listen to what feels right for you and easily make decisions based on your values because you know and respect yourself.


You are no longer on the sidelines! Not only do you show up in conversations, you speak up and laugh it up too!

“When you avoid conflict to keep the peace,
you start a war inside yourself.”
-Brene Brown