Developing Intolerance

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Are you a people pleaser who’s been tolerating rudeness or bad behavior because you’re trying to avoid conflict?


Intolerance is one of the most prized skills I have learned during my people pleasing recovery and today, I’m talking about how you can not only stop tolerating bad behavior but also protect your intolerance of it. 


Join me on today’s episode, to learn some actionable steps you can take to create healthy boundaries and manage the anger you may be feeling in a healthy way. 


Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • My experience of tolerating bad behavior [3:42]
  • The fears that people pleasers have that cause us to tolerate bad behavior [7:42]
  • Experiencing anger as a people pleaser [9:42]
  • Why feeling anger is a good thing [15:26]
  • Why people pleasers are so scared of feeling anger [18:37]
  • The steps to giving space to your anger [19:14]


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