Self-Compassion is a Buzzkill

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Are you a people pleaser who has noticed that it’s hard to take a compliment or to celebrate your wins? 


Perfectionists often struggle when it comes to acknowledging and taking joy in their accomplishments. 


In today’s episode, I want to talk about having self compassion for yourself and why it can be so hard for perfectionists to celebrate themselves. I’m also sharing some mindfulness exercises to help you with self compassion. 

Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • Why you may be struggling when giving yourself self compassion [2:29]
  • Self compassion is the antidote to perfectionism [9:49]
  • The questions you can ask yourself when you are struggling with self compassion [18:15]
  • Mindfulness exercises to help give yourself self compassion [21:25]



How to be Kind to Yourself

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