Who are your Friends and Why are they your Friends?

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Have you ever stopped and looked at who’s in your friend group? Maybe you’ve wondered how some of the friends you have got there in the first place.  


People are becoming more deliberate with who they spend their time and energy on so today, I’m talking about the 3 main elements of friendship and how it can help us see why some of our friends have stuck around for years and why others have never clicked. 


Join me in this episode to learn how you can really deep dive into your friendships and learn more about the friends you surround yourself with. 


Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • How do you make and keep your friends? [3:26]
  • Making friends as an adult [6:10]
  • The 3 friendship factors [9:12]
  • Identifying what’s important to you in friendship [18:31]
  • Friendships are a choice [24:56]


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