Everybody has Boundary Issues with Jeanene Wolfe, LCSW

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Have you ever wondered what happens inside of the mind of a therapist?


Today, I have my friend and fellow therapist, Jeanene Wolfe, joining me to talk about some of the struggles therapists go through and why setting boundaries is so important.  


Jeanene Wolf is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She also runs CollabOasis, a community for therapists and is the host of the podcast Colleague Down the Hall.  


Join us in this episode as we offer some helpful tips on how therapists can set and protect their boundaries. We also discuss why it’s so important for therapists to have a helpful community behind them and how it can help them to become better, more confident clinicians. 


Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • Making sure therapists have a high standard of care [7:27]
  • Some of what therapists go through [16:13]
  • Processing your energy around boundaries [21:10]
  • Why having a peer consultation group can help therapists [34:42]


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