How People Pleasing and Narcissistic Parents go hand and hand with Taylor Damiani

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Today Taylor Damiani is here to talk about being a child/adult child of a narcissistic parent. Codependency and perfectionism come from living in a toxic family environment. So does our inner critical voice! 

This awareness hits close to home for both Taylor and myself. 

We talk about how understanding narcissism was a relief and helped us to release the burden of needing to prove our worth and hustle to be positively connected to others. 


Highlights of the episode: 

  • Narcissism is not just being controlling and selfish 
  • Taylor’s empowering, light bulb moment about narcissism 
  • Unlearn and deprogram our people pleasing conditioning 


About Taylor: 

Taylor Damiani is a coach and licensed psychologist who helps adult children of narcissists stop walking on eggshells and step into their true, authentic selves. As someone who has walked this path, she gets it. She facilitates groups to help others out of the FOG (fear, obligation, guilt) and into their light. 







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