How to Listen to Yourself (and figure out what YOU want!)

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People pleasers are really good at giving other people what they need. And not so great at knowing what they need to feel happy and healthy in their relationships.


If you want to say “no” and set boundaries confidently you gotta know where your lines. If you don’t know yourself then your lines are blurry and you will keep this pattern going of tuning in to what is going on OUTSIDE of you instead of taking care of what you are feeling INSIDE.


Making this shift to being a boundary badass isn’t natural for pleasers and to help you I am laying out how to be more in touch with yourself in 5 steps. Its called the U-turn exercise and it will help you begin to bend the arch of awareness towards YOURSELF instead of others.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • The reason why you developed “emotional antennas” in the first place.
  • My favorite (and the most powerful) question to ask yourself when doing this work!
  • How knowing what you *don’t* want can be just as helpful as knowing what you *do* want!



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