Having Fun with Failure – Using Improv to ease (social) anxiety with Murray Dabby

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Why would someone who shuts down in a crowd EVER get on stage and speak up? Well, my guest today teaches folks to face this fear and have fun with the imperfect failings that come with doing improv!

In this episode I talk with fellow Atlanta psychotherapist Murray Dabby about his group Curtain Up Anxiety Down.


Murray Dabby is a community builder, educator, advocate and social therapist.


He has founded developed and directs several therapeutic groups that focus on  relationship skill-building whether that be The couples college, Atlanta All Stars, the Atlanta Center for Social Therapy or Curtain Up, Anxiety Down which is what we spend time on today.


While people pleasers don’t automatically feel anxious socially, we do tend to lose our words and fade into the background to keep the peace so I thought this would be a different take on helping us work with anxiety in social situations and not having to be polite and right (perfect) all the time. 


Ways to check out Murray’s work:


The book

Social Therapeutic Coaching: A Practical Guide to Group and Couple Work.




The Couples College – https://www.thecouplescollege.com

Atlanta Center for Social Therapy – http://www.atlantasocialtherapy.com/murray-dabby.html

Curtain Up, Anxiety Down – https://www.curtainupanxietydown.com


Also discussed in this episode:

  • How play is a vital part of rewiring anxiety, managing perfectionism and learning in general!
  • Creativity is expansive and can balance our adult success-driven minds.
  • What the atmosphere of an improv group offers us – hint…it relaxes our fear of making mistakes.



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