Everything You’ll Need

Everything you’ll need to get things started
is below.


Please complete the following
at least 3 days before our first session.

1) Coaching Agreement

2) Billing Contract

3) Onboarding Form

If you aren’t on the email list alreadyfirst of all why not?! And second of all please join here!

Other important details:

An email with a calendar link
that includes our Zoom meeting info
is on its way.

Please let me know if you do not receive this email in the next 24 hours.
Email me here: vicki@powertothepleasers.com

I can not begin our first session unless the items above are completed prior to our scheduled time to meet.

Please make sure your wi-fi is strong and you are in a safe environment that allows us to meet without too many distractions.
(In other words, not in a moving car.
Yep, it’s happened!)

Sometimes stuff happens and we have to move to audio/phone instead of video.
It’s easier to make a connection doing this work with video, but hey…we will do our best to make it work right?
(Flexibility is one or our superpowers!)

Our sessions are 60 minutes long and I can record the session if you’d like.

If either of us needs to reschedule we agree to give each other 48 hours notice at the least and set up another time within the week if possible.
*I must reply to your cancelation/reschedule notice
so hit me up via text or email please.

Any weeks we are not able to meet, we will add those sessions to the
end of our 6 month agreement time frame.
*These make-up sessions must be completed within a month
of the 6 month contract ending.

I think that’s it!
Welcome and I can’t wait
to get started!

Oh, wait…there’s a podcast!

Peace out Pleaser!

See you soon!