I’m gonna give you

a piece of my mind!

Someone gave me a microphone and…
the result is a podcast.

(we need another one of these right?)

Kindness is a Pleasers Kryptonite

Can you be kinder to yourself?    This week on the podcast I’m talking about the third kryptonite for people pleasers and perfectionists: Kindness, both receiving it from others and showing kindness to yourself. I’m also sharing a mindfulness meditation exercise that’s helped me silence my inner critic and show more kindness to myself.   …

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Disappointment is a Pleasers Kryptonite

This week, we’re talking about another kryptonite for people pleasers and perfectionists: disappointment.    In this episode, I’m talking about disappointment and the sub feelings that contribute to it which may help you understand why it makes you so uncomfortable. I’m also going over the specific feelings that arise when you’re in the midst of…

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Anger is a Pleasers Kryptonite

If you’re a people pleaser, chances are anger isn’t your favorite emotion.    Today on the podcast, I’m diving deeper into the emotion of anger and breaking down some of the reasons why you might have such an aversion to anger.   Join me in this episode to learn more about your reaction to anger…

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