What I Do

You want the freedom to show up

as yourself

without apology

I want that for you too!

And here is how you will get there!

One-on-One Coaching

Let’s untangle you from the web of pleasing and perfectionism. First step is scheduling a call so, yeh, the button below is how this whole thing starts!


These are hour long mini trainings (or as I like to call them “nuggets of goodness”) to blow your mind and move the needle.
Hit that button and get the goods!

Power to the Pleasers Course

This is in the creation process and will explode on the scene in 2023.
Masterclasses and 1:1 work will get you ready for the course.
Stay tuned!

Get Ready!

Fulfilling relationships

with equal give-and-take

are your new reality.

Okay, I realize it’s not easy to all of a sudden start focusing on yourself.

It’s completely opposite of what you’ve been doing for a while now.

But here’s the deal

You deserve to enjoy being with people.

And I am going to help you get there.

I’ve got a plan.

(I’m that friend that says, “okay, hear me out. I know this is gonna work!” God, don’t you just LOVE her?)

So, you ready?

I have a no-freak-out approach to changing your people pleasing behavior.

It won’t take forever.

You don’t have to go way out of your comfort zone

or pretend to be someone you aren’t

and it will seriously help you feel more

relaxed, authentic and confident

inside your skin.

And of course that means your relationships will change…

for the better.

Working with Vicki

“Your vulnerable sharing created a field and a safe container to encourage the same with participants. This is no small feat in person. Virtually? It’s amazing.”

You’ve spent enough time focusing on others.

Now let’s focus on you.